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You had to study English. A pizza topped with mozzarella is my first choice. She leads a life of ease in the country. We have seen the best of our time. I feel quite refreshed after taking a bath. It's not his ability, but his character that is at issue.

She already knows how to read. Would you like to study with me? Cabaret is a form of show. I'm glad things worked out for you. Dan's alibi was corroborated. In the United States, we can hear a chorus of comments from the right wing ridiculing soccer every time there's a World Cup. When I'm stressed, I squeeze the ball. These pills come in a blister pack.

I have not touched my wife in twenty-one years. What will you be reincarnated as? Experts say only about 15 percent of happiness comes from income, assets and other financial factors. He had a hard look on his face.

To how many students have you given the highest grade? Starbuck doesn't wear pajamas. He sleeps naked. Who do you think is most likely to win the race?

They think it's superfluous. You have to try again. You'd be a fool if you borrowed money from a loan shark. What a noble heart that good man has! Margie and Syun were also present.

I can look into this for you.

Bring me some cold water. I hope you get a good rest. This means nothing to me. The city was rebuilt after the war. Get in line. I gave some money to Vladimir. A raindrop fell. I was traveling on business.

There'll be quite a lot of scenes like this in the next few programs. This building was named after him. This is Roxie's diary. You'll get your turn. Please remember to wake me up at seven tomorrow. One must always be ready for an emergency.

The grapes are getting mature. Saiid's been in trouble many times before. Don't trust anybody. The ballboys and ballgirls all come from local schools. Is there anyone who doesn't have one of these?

Your son is a genius. I'll let you know what I find. My mother didn't let me wear a miniskirt. Describe Agatha. Tofu can be used as a substitute for meat. Louie seemed to be enjoying himself. He said they should stay out of politics. Spudboy will know what to do. It's a very dangerous sport, where a slight mistake can lead to serious injury. Be careful with the way that you use the word "far" when describing distances. You can use it in questions or in negative sentences.

You should have seen it. He wants to be an Edison in the future. Sanche learned later that Keith wasn't planning to live in Boston. This is the first time I've ever had a rest in my office. We're not going. There were some problems with continuity from the old administration to the new.

I really don't know what to say. I am a fan of conservatism. She hopes to become a designer. Is everybody getting married? Danny DeVito and ferocious lions and tigers are best avoided. As the play develops, the real motives of the protagonist become clear. I'm almost speechless.

He almost erupted in anger. I told Indra not to come here. You are overworked.